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Tap That

I’ve written here before about cultivating a relationship with your donors.  One of the best ways to do this is to get involved.  Rather than trying to create your relevancy from scratch, sometimes it is a better approach to find out what your donors are already interested in and become a part of that.

Joe Waters at Selfish Giving did a great profile on UNICEF’s the Tap Project – where participating restaurants (between March 16 and March 22) will ask patrons to donate a least a dollar for the tap water that they usually serve for free.  This highlights an idea that we, in America, generally take for granted: readily available, safe drinking water.  Joe also suggested that this idea would translate if the donation element was applied to the complimentary bread that is served.

I’m a big fan of DC’s Restaurant Week because it gives me an excuse to dine out – an expense that I can’t often justify (of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t do it anyway…).  Turns out there are a number of DC area restaurants participating in Tap Project – looks like I might be eating out between March 16 and March 22.  Find out which restaurants in your area are participating and make a reservation.