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A World Without Torture

Karen Tse, a GlobalGiving Project Leader and CEO and founder of International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) asked us to help get the word out about JusticeMakers – an online competition for innovations that end torture, arbitrary detainment and abuse. This initiative was inspired by people such as IBJ Fellow Ouk Vandeth of Cambodia – a former policeman turned criminal defender – and many other passionate individuals who deliver due process rights to the accused.”Ending torture isn’t an unattainable goal,” said Ouk. “It is just about guaranteeing people the legal protections afforded to them by law.”

The competition will award $5,000 to the 8 best proposals for concrete, achievable action, and is open to anyone with an idea and a familiarity with his or her country’s criminal justice system. JusticeMakers launched on June 26, and the goal is to get 300 entries by
August 14. (Check out their video to learn more).

So be creative – submit your idea online, and you could walk away with $5,000 to make the concept a reality. Even if you don’t want to compete, you can engage with criminal legal experts from around the world or provide feedback to competitors. If you know passionate, entrepreneurial advocates for criminal justice, spread the word!

And help move the world one step closer to ending torture in the 21st century.