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Social Media and Crowd Sourcing for Successful Fundraising Online

Frogloop, Care2’s awesome blog, has a great post by Jared Schwartz  that features Critical Exposure’s success in GlobalGiving’s first American Open Challenge as an example of how Social Networking and Crowd Sourcing can help organizations raise funds and motivate their supporters.

Here at GlobalGiving, we’ve been providing social networking and crowd sourcing training to our nonprofit project leaders in the U.S. and abroad. We’ve found organizations that use techniques like the ones Critical Exposure  employed for the American Open Challenge have been most successful not only during GlobalGiving’s fundraising challenges but in online fundraising  and supporter activation efforts in general.

Definitely read the entire post.  But if you don’t have time I’ve outlined in my own words 3 key takeaways for successful crowdsourcing:

1. Ask your network of supporters to help you fundraise by telling everyone they know about your cause and current efforts.
2. Keep your supporters updated on your organization’s progress and let them know they are part of something special.
3. Have a clear message, with a clear call to action that you repeat over and over again using all of your communication channels (aka message saturation).

Oh, and if your organization is interested in participating in the next American Open Challenge, you can find more information on the registration page. Critical Exposure raised $15,000 and won an additional $5,000 for being a top fundraiser in the last challenge.