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I don’t want to write ‘Goodbye’ because I hate ‘Goodbyes’

Before I send my farewell message to the project leader universe, I thought let me post a farewell on the GlobalGoodness Blog (a practice goodbye if you will). Saying goodbye is harder than I thought it would be…so here’s a go at it…

My husband and I are relocating to New Orleans so this is the end of a lovely seven years in DC to start a new adventure in an entirely new city. I look forward to getting to know the city and its people and hope that I can volunteer and learn more about some of the work that is going on there. This really isn’t a goodbye because I will always be a GlobalGiver and am fortunate enough that I will be working on a few projects with my colleagues from NOLA.

I love that at GG you can connect with a project and be a part of it from afar. You can see this in the comments that donors have left wonderful comments on updates-like this one:

 “Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to help support these wonderful brave women. Giving financial help as a tool and respecting that these women  truly are the experts in their community and do have the best ideas to make social change is in my opinion the best type of support .  I have been looking for a way  to give my support so thank you so much”

Then there’s our great project leaders whom I feel are a big global family.  Between emails discussing projects, project updates, and donors with project leaders, there were also emails about family life, dreams and everyday life in the US and abroad. Over 2.5 years I have formed lifelong connections with extraordinary people doing amazing work all around the world in circumstances so very different from what I face everyday. I feel so connected to many people whom I have never met and hope that we will always keep in touch and that our paths will cross again. GlobalGiving has allowed me to get to know these wonderful men and women.

And of course, I am sad to be leaving DC and GlobalGiving because I leave behind a family here at GG. I am so lucky to have worked with such a passionate group of people doing so much good for givers and community leaders around the world. 

GlobalGiving to me is passion, connection and just pure goodness. Every day is a new experience, a new donor, a new project leader and a new beautiful story or story of courage from the other side of the world.