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QuantumShift.tv – More Goodness Online

Check out what the guys at QuantumShift.tv are doing. Here’s their mission:

Quantum Shift TV is a 21st Century storyteller renewing the cultural values of community, care and interconnectedness through the use of leading edge technology and citizen journalism. Here’s the kind of stories you’ll see there – ones of:

  • Human cooperation and survival
  • Solutions to combat global warming
  • The positive impact of aid workers around the world
  • Perspectives and contributions of philanthropists
  • Corporate social responsibility progress
  • Environmental improvements and breakthroughs
  • And all other stories about those making a positive difference on this planet.

A great companion to what we are trying to do here…and in the spirit of full disclosure, I just found them today when my Google Alerts let me know that they had posted this cool video about GlobalGiving gift cards as an alternative to “stuff:”


The second part of the video is about Google + Specialized’s “Innovate or Die” contest. Also very cool. They are giving away money and bikes to pedal-generated ideas for good.

Here’s a project that links the two pieces of this story together:
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Like we said, guaranteed goodness.