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29 Ways to Make the Most of the Extra Day

It’s Leap Day – the extra day that comes around once every four years to catch us up on time lost, or as Monica Hesse from the Washington Post describes it: “in all its quadrennial springiness, like a cartoon Slinky boinging into the wall calendar.” Preposterous, according to some.

“It’s like a prolonged version of the languidness found on daylight savings days,” Hesse says, “where no one really knows what time it is and everyone uses that to their advantage…Leap Days are like this, but longer, and grander in their utter lack of ambition.  Nobody makes plans for Feb. 29, because nobody remembers when there is a Feb. 29.  And so the day arrives like a snow day, an empty calendar slot with no obligations and no expectations.”

We’re not entirely sure about the whole “nobody makes plans” part of that at the GlobalGiving office, where in a twist of events, we’re about 1/3 in-house staffed today – but the point is well made, nonetheless.  In honor of this “extra day”, we’re offering a list of 29 ways to make the most of your day.

  1. Understand the history and science behind Leap Years
  2. Tell your family you love them
  3. Go to the library and come home with a book (or bring back delinquent overdue books)
  4. Update your music collection
  5. Get in touch with old friends
  6. Find out how the candidates stand on the issues
  7. Play an extra Set Game
  8. Make dinner reservations to benefit the Tap Project
  9. Take a walk (and bring your dog!)
  10. Indulge your guilty pleasure
  11. Send yourself an email on next Leap Day (February 29, 2012) to remind yourself how great things were this year
  12. Replace your toothbrush (you know you’re overdue!)
  13. Twitter
  14. Eat that piece of cheesecake
  15. Wear the skinny jeans (maybe do this one before #14)
  16. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors
  17. Play Chain Factor
  18. Join a Facebook group about Leap Day, only to leave it tomorrow.
  19. Find out where the candidates stand on issues important to you
  20. Learn a new word
  21. Finish a puzzle (that isn’t on the computer)
  22. Throw out all those old pens that don’t have any more ink but get put back in the drawer/pencil cup anyway
  23. Buy Girl Scout Cookies from your local Girl Scout troop.
  24. Clean out the Goldfish crackers from under the car seats
  25. Take a road trip
  26. Clear your calendar.  Hoo Boy!
  27. Leave a comment on your favorite blog (not necessarily shameless self-promotion) 
  28. Start your own Giving Circle
  29. Add to this list