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Check (This) Out: A New Giving Cart

After six intense weeks of development and thirty cups of Thanksgiving Coffee, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just released a major upgrade to our giving cart. The new version sports a user-friendly design, provides better feedback, runs faster, and most importantly, allows you to make a donation without creating an account on GlobalGiving.

Why did we do all of this? Over the last year we’ve gotten feedback from a variety of users that while they have enjoyed donating to projects on GlobalGiving they wished that they didn’t have to create yet another account on a web site with yet another password for them to remember or write down just to donate $10. We agreed with them.

About three months ago, we kicked off our giving cart redesign project. As one of two web developers here at GlobalGiving, I was tasked with spearheading the project. So, rather than reinventing the e-commerce wheel, I did an in-depth study of what other people are doing with checkout. I looked some of the big names like,, but also at some smaller shops like and Additionally, I studied some of the other sites in our space, like the American Heart Association. We read about the latest research on e-commerce over at and consulted a variety of interface design resources.

Then, we went to the drawing board, coming up with over eight different designs and over 200 pages of paper prototypes. We obsessed about every aspect of the design, trying to make everything as easy to use as possible.

For instance, one of the best things about the new giving cart is the error feedback. Before our redesign, if you had an error, we just wrote a small error message at the top of the screen and you had to figure out how to fix the error. Now, we clearly state what the error is, what you need to do to correct it, and highlight the field that has the problem.

We think it’s a much better user experience and hope that you find it easier to make a donation to your favorite grassroots charity.

So give to your favorite project today (mine is Rescuing Young Girls From Bonded Labor in Nepal) and let us know what you think! We’ll do everything that we can to make the checkout process as easy as possible so that you can stop filling out forms and start spreading the good.