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Taking Over the World

For those of you interested in taking over the world (heads up, Dr. Evil, Lex Luthor, Joker, Lord Voldemort), things just got a little bit easier.  Forget the millitant game of Risk, we want real estate.  Monopoly is creating an international version of the classic game with favorite cities from around the world vying for space on the game board.

I only first heard about this on The Colbert Report last night, and I realize there are only a few hours left in the competition, but I was interested in the featured cities.  Many that you would expect: New York, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Boston (Go Red Sox!).  However, I found that there were a handful of cities in the competition that are home to GlobalGiving projects: Rio de Janeiro, Mumbai and Bogotá, just to name a few.

 In addition to the places you might expect, Monopoly is leaving room for user nominated cities; among the leaders are other GlobalGiving locales: Johannesburg, San Francisco, Chennai.

 Go vote for some of your favorite cities, or the GlobalGiving locations before the polls close.  If you miss the opportunity, follow along to see who will be represented on this international stage.

On the Road

Earlier this spring, I had the opportunity to visit some project leaders in Nairobi. I was so impressed with their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn about GlobalGiving and how to appeal to GG donors. I have to say, some folks from that batch have turned out to be real rockstars!

Towards the end of December, GlobalGiving will have the opportunity to meet some Project Leaders in India, Indonesia and Pakistan. We’d love to learn more about the leaders behind these projects and find out about the work they’re doing. We plan to host a few workshops to bring them together and to answer their queries!  Here are just a few of the people we’re planning to visit:

However, as a GlobalGiving donor myself, I wondered, “What would I want to learn from the donor perspective?”

So I would pose this question to you-have you supported any projects in Delhi, Udaipur or Chennai or Indonesia and Pakistan? What more do you want to know?  What else would you like to see? Do you want more project photos?  Interviews with the people behind the project?  Be creative!  Send us your thoughts and questions, and we’ll try to answer as many of them as we can while we’re there.