charles in charge Posts

Charles in Charge

The new boy in the neighborhood

Lives downstairs, and it’s understood

He’s there just to take good care of me

Like he’s one of the family…

We’re thrilled to welcome a newest member of the GlobalGiving’s Tech Team.  No, not Scott Baio, but Charles Koppelman.

I’ve asked him a few questions so we can all get to know him.

A:  What is your name?
C:  Charles Koppelman last I checked.

A:  What attracted you to GlobalGiving?
C:  The true power of the web is its ability to connect people who have something to people who want something. GlobalGiving is using that power to help people do amazing local projects worldwide, and it’s also using that power to explain to the casual web surfer what sort of great work is being done.

A:  Name five words to describe yourself.
C:  Punny, active, social, kind, nocturnal

A:  What color socks are you wearing?
C:  Boring black.

A:  What’s your favorite board game?
C:  Settlers of Cattan or Blokus

A:  What’s your favorite TV Show/Movie/Book?
C:  Family Guy, The Sword and the Stone

A:  Have you ever watched the show Charles in Charge?
C:  Of course!  I loved Scott Baio. (editor’s note: Who doesn’t?!)

A:  Name 2 interesting facts about yourself.  Name one untrue thing.  Put them in any order.
C:  I once came within 5 feet of a black bear and her cub, I love licorice, and I can throw wheel pottery.

A:  What’s on your iPod?
C:  I know I’m supposed to be in IT and love technology, but I don’t have an iPod.  I didn’t even have Internet at home until February.

A:  If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three things would you take with you?
C:  Food, a flashlight, and lots of music.

A:  Who would win in a fight, Superman, Batman or Spiderman?  Why?
C:  Batman’s nothing without his belt, and all Spiderman can do is climb walls… But Superman is too nice to fight them.  I’d say Batman wins.

A:  When you drop food on the floor, do you observe the 5 second rule?
C:  Come on!  Dry food gets more than 5 seconds!

A:  When you played Oregon Trail, did you set out as the banker from Boston, the carpenter from Ohio, or the farmer from Illinois?
C:  I just remember catching my first bear 🙂