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National Enquirer Here we Come

Yesterday was a normal day at GlobalGiving. Each of periodically glancing up at our wall-mounted flat screen TV, which gives us a running update on donation volume, ticker-style updates of each donor/donation, and rotating pictures from projects on the website. Traffic seemed in the normal range. And then something strange happened. Traffic shot up. Not huge, but enough to notice. “What’s up?” asked our newest team member, Georg. So we checked it out. Yes, folks, Perez Hilton blogged GlobalGiving, sending about 7,000 new visitors to our site. For those of you over 40 who don’t read People magazine or watch Entertainment Tonight, is one of the top read blogs in the world. Generally posting on issues as deep as a Jessica Simpson/Tony Romo sighting or sexual proclivities of the stars, it’s great to see Perez also has a section on his blog called “Inspiration.’

His post, so far, has inspired about a dozen donors. Yesterday, Perez, tomorrow the Enquirer!