Vote for Children. Vote for PlayPumps.

A former GlobalGiving summer intern has launched a great new children’s book initiative titled “Dream Village.” Dream Village uses a combination of picture books and an interactive web portal to educate children about important social, economic, and environmental issues. Best of all, as part of their experience on the Dream Village web portal, children choose how and where Dream Village allocates its proceeds (to which nonprofit organizations and for which causes). So with Dream Village kids learn, interact, and then catalyze real-life positive change.

One of the first books in the series will feature a popular GlobalGiving project, PlayPumps International which installs a merry-go-round water pump to provide clean, fresh water to communities in need. Told from a child’s perspective and complete with full color photographs and illustrations, the book will tell the story of Spontania, a township in Mozambique, which benefited greatly from the implementation of the PlayPump Water System.

Dream Village is a finalist on Ideablob (sponsored by Advanta), a monthly competition that awards $10,000 in seed funding to a project that receives the most votes. With that seed funding, Dream Village will be able to launch its beta site, produce its first set of books, and more importantly, secure the funding it needs for long-term sustainability. We encourage you to visit the Dream Village post, learn more about the project, and vote for Dream Village. Pass the link along…and let the dreaming begin.



about 12 years ago

Playpumps was the first project I visited in my Africa tour of the first ever World Bank Development Marketplace projects. It was clearly a winner in 2000--and is even more of a winner today, backed by funders like the Case Foundation. Go Trevor!

Dream Village Team

about 12 years ago

Thanks so much for supporting our efforts. Thanks to the support we received from GlobalGiving, Dream Village was able to win the Ideablob competition and $10k in start-up funding. We are indebted. You can keep track of our progress by visiting our site:

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