Who is this Marc Guy Who’s Been Posting on GlobalGoodness?

He’s Marc Maxson, newest member of the GG team, residing in the “supply pod” (aka, the folks who source, vet, manage and monitor the projects and organizations who post them).  Marc is a brainiac. No kidding.  He’s got two Bachelors – in Chemistry and Biochemistry – and a PhD in Integrative Biosciences. He’s been published a bunch.  Here’s the title of his most recent work:   “Estrogen receptor dependent mediated calcium signaling in PC12 and GT1-7 cells.”

Typical GlobalGiver, right?  Well, did I mention he was a Fulbright Research Fellow (IT in West Africa) and did Post-Doc work?  He writes a blog.  He also was a Peace Corps volunteer in The Gambia.  As you can see, he rides a bike.  But not just any bike.  It’s a bright red beach cruiser.   He’s definitley got the chops, and the personality, to add to the diverse and eclectic family here at GG World Headquarters.  Welcome Marc!

More on Marc, plus the picture of the bike:  http://www.couchsurfing.com/people/marcmaxson

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