This isn’t about Bristol Palin, but it is about teenage girls

“There are 600 million teenage girls living in poverty in the developing world. This project benefits girls in one of the world’s poorest countries: Uganda. The project addresses the prevalent inequalities created by subordination, early marriage, frequent pregnancy, abandonment, divorce, domestic violence, marginalization and exclusion through financial and social interventions. The effect is a higher standard of living for families, villages, and the entire country.”

The excerpt above is a summary of the need in Uganda addressed by one of the projects available for funding and  posted by BRAC on GlobalGiving. Last week BRAC was awarded the 2008 Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Prize.  The annual $1.5 million award honors a charitable or non-governmental organization that has made extraordinary contributions toward alleviating human suffering anywhere in the world.

Congratulations BRAC!

When i read this announcement last week i was reminded that  the 2006 winner – Women for Women International – is also a GG partner organization that works with women and girls in conflict areas.

And then I remembered that the 2005 winner was yet another member of the GG extended family – Partners In Health – who provides (among other things), reproductive health services to teenage girls in developing countries.

We adhere to the notion around here that you should surround  yourself by people/organizations you can learn from, and aspire to be like.  These are three great examples.

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