Backstage at Pandora (and a free beer)

Last week I was out in the Bay Area (we natives DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, call it “Cali” or “Frisco” and shame on all of you who do). It was an eclectic trip – family, corporate partner visits, funder visits, project sponsor visits, and then BlogHer 08 (more on this last stop later).

While there were lots of fun stops along the week, one of the most unique was visiting with our friends at Pandora.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, Pandora is one of the best and most successful music sites on the web. We do a nice philanthropy program with them, and just last week they launched their second annual poster contest. People who give to one of the Pandora/GG music projects will get a free copy of the winning poster. The mood there was great – the new iPod has a Pandora app, and as of when I was there, they had something like 250,000 new stations created. WOW!

So not only were they a bunch of happy music lovers, but I lucked upon their second employee “Backstage” session. These are the brainchild of Michele Husak, who is a totally cool chick and Pandora’s Director of Communications. UPDATE/CORRECTION:  Brainchild of Tim, the founder, executed by the lovely Michele.
Every month or so they bring in local musicians who have music in the Genome, buy the team some beer (good beer, I might add) and munchies, and film the mini-concerts. Thursday’s performer was Josh Fix. I’d never heard of him, but he was fun. It’s not every day you get to experience something like that. Pandora’s the best.

Here’s a little video clip. The long version will be up on Pandora soon:


PS If you don’t use Pandora, check it out. If you already do, check out Josh Fix’s stuff.



about 12 years ago

That looks like a blast. Pandora rocks!


about 12 years ago

Josh Fix rocks!

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