Do you want a little earth-changing idea?

On Monday, I blogged about all the hard mysterious work the GG Team was doing.  This probably sent you all into a frenzy, trying to figure out just what we were doing – like National Geographic’s World Magazine “What in the World” game.

 The GG team was out in full force this morning, greeting commuters at four Washington D.C. Metro stations as part of our promotional efforts for our new PSA.  We handed out boxes that contained a “little earth-changing ideas” on the outside, and a small note from GlobalGiving on the inside.  At our debriefing earlier today, we all had fun stories to share – having met people who responded enthusiastically, as well as some who were less than thrilled.

 If you met us out today, please leave us a message.  We’d love to hear from you!

 Below are some photos that Robert took of our adventures this morning.



about 12 years ago

Who knew so many great ideas could be spread via some boxes and DC metro exits?


about 12 years ago

Cool idea... I'd be interested to hear more about what the specific reactions of the public were. And whether you think that the "stunt" fulfilled its intended purpose. It almost borders on public performance art, which has often been used for advocacy purposes. Good luck with the avant-garde :)


about 12 years ago

Hi guys, I don't ride the metro, but when I came into the office today, my colleague said, "Look what I got today," and handed me a little cardboard box. What a great idea -- nice way to build upon the idea behind the ad and spread the word about GlobalGiving projects. I hope it generates a lot of enthusiasm -- great work!

Laura Jones

about 12 years ago

On one hand, I like that the idea was attention getting, but I keep thinking that one earth changing idea would have been to not waste all those little boxes, which just got trashed in order to find the link to this site.

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