Goodbye and Good Luck, Dennis & Mari

Imagine our surprise this morning when, fresh off the plane from the Skoll Oxford Centre’s conference in the UK, our founders gathered the team here at GlobalGiving and let us know that they had made a decision to return to the World Bank, where they will be leading two separate, but related new departments. Dennis will be taking on the role of Director of the Strategic Longitude Office (“SLO”) and Mari will be VIce President of the Semi-Technical Evaluation And Dissemination Institute (“STEADI”)

After pouring seven years of blood, sweat and tears into solidifying GlobalGiving as a viable and successful online marketplace, Mari told us, ” The work of social entrepreneurship is hard. It’s time for the younger members of the team to take up the mantle and figure it out. And the opportunity to return to the structured, top-down, environment of the Bank was one we couldn’t pass up.” Dennis was overheard whispering, “I can’t wait to get a secretary again…enough of the Best Western Inn and doing my own expense accounts.”

A World Bank press release quoted Dennis as saying, “Doing something innovative and in the field of disruptive innovation is highly overrated. It turns out that the crowds aren’t quite as wise as we thought. Mari and I are looking forward to being back in an environment where the rules are clear and the work is predictable. The future for us is SLO and STEADI.”

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, (fools).



about 13 years ago

I fell for it. Completely. You'd think after the entire day with my 7 and 9 year old children fooling me, I'd be on my toes. Anyway, I just came upon your site and blog, and wanted to let you know about my mission. I'm trying to encourage Americans to give away their tax rebates to charity. I've mentioned Global Giving on today's blog entry, hoping it will be a good resource for my readers to find giving opportunities. I hope you'll take a look. Amy


about 13 years ago

Good one DC! You've got me laughing all the way up in Baltimore :)

John Goldstein

about 13 years ago

Well done - a lovely reminder of the reason GG got started and why it is so important. And yes, I had a momentary flash of panic/shock upon reading the headline before I a) continued reading and b) noticed the date. Keep up the good (and yes, hard) work guys!

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