What makes donors smile.

Dr Elizabeth Dunn at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver and colleagues found that [experimental subjects] report significantly greater happiness if they spend money “pro-socially” – that is on gifts for others or on charitable donations – rather than spending on themselves. So…. the media has been reporting the last few weeks. At GlobalGiving we wanted to know what makes our donors happy so we asked a few of them.
Our donors confided that they too, feel better about themselves and the lives they lead each time they give to a project on GlobalGiving. The special happiness that GlobalGiving delivered had to do with the personal connection donors felt with the projects. They found the project, they figured out what impact their donation would have, they were able to take action immediately–all ways that made them feel like they had actually ‘done’ something at the end of the day. Though their giving budgets may be finite, finding a way to stretch the budget (skipping lattes, eating less, one less pair of shoes) and reallocating the dollars to a project that spikes their passion was reported as a great way to feel terrific. Now, that is cheap therapy!
While we can’t guarentee happiness we can listen to what our donors(and the scientisits) tell us and try to improve the happiness quotient in this world. šŸ˜‰

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