Welcome BRAC!

Fazle Abed, BRAC Founder

“I am wondering whether you would consider adding BRAC projects to GlobalGiving?”

Would we?! We would love to. That is what I told my friend Susan Davis on the phone a couple of months ago. She was calling to say that she was helping BRAC launch an enhanced US presence.I get a lot of calls like this, but few that make me so happy. In my view, BRAC is one of the absolute best community-based NGOs operating in the world today. Founded in Bangladesh 1972, BRAC has helped millions of people better their lives through training, education, health programs, and job creation. They have recently expanded their programs to Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda and Southern Sudan.

I like BRAC’s programs and impact, but I also like its high “impact-to-ego ratio.” The organization’s DNA comes from its founder, Fazle Abed. His exceptional competence is matched only by his modesty and quiet sense of humor. No grandstanding or flashy speeches with Fazle Abed – just quiet action, on a large scale, with a smile.

BRAC has two projects in Sudan listed on GlobalGiving. Check out this one: you can fund a child’s entire education for a year for only $100. And what’s best is that you know BRAC will be there to oversee the education and other services the child needs to grow up to be healthy, happy, and prosperous.



about 13 years ago

Guys out there really don’t know whats going on out here.Stella Amojong and the husband Joe Kilonzo(not his real name) are not helping anyone here in Kenya They are using the funds to run there on businesses which seem not to work.They are taking advantage of bad situations in Kenya to make themselves rich.I know what am talking about coz am from Eldoret Kenya where they two are based .Gemini is just a name they use so as to make money but in real sense they ain’t helping anyone. If you want to find Stella Amojong just type her full name on google and it will appear.Right now the room wihich is surposed to be the NGO is a studio.The lady has no much knoledge about computer so the husband is the one using her E-mail address to sweet talk the wazunguz out there to get money.She is in every charity site on the internet.They are located in a building called Zul acade and the room is called Oasis media(its a music studio) .The Husband has no other job he just spends time on the internet organising for funds.We know him as Jones Kilonzo but I heard that that isn't his real name

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