Let a man figure out if he wants to fish

Today our friend Jason out in the “other Washington” wrote a really thought-provoking post on his blog: A Small Change. “The Rich Young Ruler: Transformational Giving,” comments on a Christian ministry’s take on how we in the non profit sector often spend our time trying to convince folks why they should support us, and then trot out pictures of the people we serve – the ultimate “beneficiaries” and we don’t really focus on what it is the donor needs and wants.

In discussing Eric Foley’s original commentary, Jason makes some great points – it’s sort of “WWJD-Fundraising Edition.” I especially liked this: “The (cultivation) process is not meant to help the donor better understand their own reasons for giving and connect them to how they can be fulfilled and make a real difference. The process is built around how can we get them to better understand what we do in such a way that they will want to give more money.”

We are not a Christian organization, or even a “faith based” organization, but I can say for sure that it is our clear goal to build a marketplace and community that inspires people based helping them develop a clearer and clearer understanding of their own fulfillment and impact. One day we’ll feel like we have succeeded. Maybe.
Thanks for making me think about it through a different lens, Jason.

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