Global Kindred Spirits

It’s my first blog entry here, and it hasn’t been that long that I started on the GlobalGiving crew. So it was very pleasing to me to, to find out that a couple of filmmakers ( from my home country (Germany) would be making their way to our office.

One reason is the advantage of seeing fellow country men, speaking the same language and having a similar cultural background. The other aspect that really struck me is that I am here – quite some ways away from
Germany – working on something that I think is worth all my efforts.

Then by “coincidence” I happen to run into people from home who believe in similar ideas (philanthropy). In the greater picture, that means to me: No matter what your expertise is in (computer guy or filmmakers; in
the above case), the important point is to work on something that you believe in and that you think you can make a difference with.

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