GlobalGoodness: Welcome to the new GlobalGiving blog!

I’m both excited and impatient about making this inaugural post–it falls into the category of things we’ve wanted to do for a long, long time. On the one hand, I’m looking forward to having another way to communicate with anyone in the GlobalGiving community, and can’t wait to start hearing back from people, and on the other hand I know blogs take time to become a good–and reliable–channel of communication. Patience is not really one of my virtues.

So what will we do on this blog? Here, we will announce new features, reveal our peccadilloes, highlight our community, explain what we were thinking (or not), and look to get feedback from you.

And speaking of getting feedback, this blog was named by friends of GlobalGiving. The community’s top choice was actually “What Gives?” but through our polling we discovered that someone in our community has already called dibs on it. GlobalGoodness came in second–so here goes. Let’s get started!

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about 13 years ago

Hello all, I just want to wish you well on this new blog. Kike Calvo Global Giving Partner

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