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CSR Continued…

Posted by bill brower on January 28th, 2008

Here’s a follow-up to my recent post about Corporate Social Responsibility.

Persuasive Partnerships

Posted by bill brower on January 25th, 2008

“Clearly CSR has arrived,” stated the Economist in a recent special report on Corporate Social Responsibility. The report shows that in today’s business world, CSR – now another tool used to add value to the customer experience – is no longer a question of “to do, or not to do,” but rather, “how?”

The most recent corporation to answer this question was Dell. They’ve teamed up with Bill Gates and Bono to introduce a line of (Product) RED consumer computing hardware that will compete directly with Apple’s recently debuted Mac Air.

This partnership creates shared value among the participating organizations:

1. Dell hopes to win new customers and retain old by giving them the warm-and-fuzzy value-add they demand, and

2.The Global Fund/(Product) RED receives funding to further realize their organizational goals

It will be interesting to see whether this strategic offer from Dell is compelling enough to persuade laptop buyers to purchase “socially good” product rather than the technolocially-superior, and aesthetically-pleasing Apple product (excuse my bias – I’ve been a mac fanatic since I got my first PowerBook three years ago). Was it a good marketing move? Will the revenues deliver the value they promise? When it comes to spending $2,000, consumers may choose to spend for the better hardware and save their giving for a separate occasion.

Yelpy New Year

Posted by bill brower on January 11th, 2008

Techno sounds, cramped corners, ambient light, and a trendy crowd of talkers came together two nights ago at the Yelp ’08 event at Arlington’s Eleventh Street Lounge. GlobalGivers Alison, Dana, and I made an appearance in support of the community Yelp has built here in DC. Yelpers are tastemakers and influencers who are very vocal both on and offline; they visit, rate, and review everything from restaurants, to public services, to mass media. At the event they offered a high-tech photo booth (Digital SLR + live printing), and delicious hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

We were dazzled by the high energy of party-planner Miriam (pictured below), and wanted to say thanks to Yelp for the fun evening!

Are you ready for a challenge?

Posted by bill brower on December 18th, 2007

America’s Giving Challenge is on!

Here is the video I made a couple of nights ago with my good friend Nathan on the steps of the Capitol. Share the video, and start a fundraiser.

Thanks to for the killer soundtrack.


The Golden Gift Card

Posted by bill brower on November 29th, 2007

From earth to earth (I’ll explain), the idea of GlobalGiving’s new gift card is quite compelling – especially considering recent gift card criticisms from marketer, Seth Godin, and the magazine, Consumer Reports. Essentially, the cards are perceived as “convenient and popular, but…often loaded with fees, expiration dates, and other hassles.”

This, we know. And it was something we kept at the front of our minds as we planned the creation of GlobalGiving Gift Cards, a fun extension of our year-old Gift Certificate program.

Fun extension, you say?

Indeed, I do. The cards are corn-based plastic – as opposed to real plastic – that will biodegrade when exposed to nature’s elements.

No, the card will not decompose in your back pocket or purse, but it may after a few months in a fish tank (if you do this, email us pictures of your results and we’ll post them here on the GlobalGoodness blog. WARNING: do this only after redeeming the card).

So, what about “earth to earth?” Think about this card’s true physical lifecycle: it comes from a plant that grew up from the ground, is traded between hands of compassionate people, and returns to the earth, both directly and indirectly (especially through projects like this). Now that’s something worth giving.