February 2009 Posts

Global Goodness right down the street

GlobalGIving’s work spans the world and that world includes “our own backyard”. Yesterday half of the staff at GlobalGiving ‘world headquarters’ headed out to serve dinner at the Central Union Mission here in Washington DC. 

The world came to our doorstep as we served men from Central America, Asia, Africa, Germany and of course DC.  The work at the mission is a stellar example of a project that solves the problems of homelessness, job training and support in a practical, hands on way.   Just the type of work and creative solutions that GlobalGiving thrives on. 

Huge shout out to Ray for accommodating our gang and for taking us under his wing in service of others.  His efficiency and caring were great models.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Below is a very thoughtful and interesting review of our website done by Dr. Susan Weinschenk.  It’s almost as though she has been sitting in our User Experience conversations for the last 18 months.  We agree with Dr. Weinschenk’s observations and suggestions, and appreciate her insights.

This is why we are investing a tremendous amount of our 2009 firepower into redesigning the way in which project information gets onto our platform, so that the stories and media can more effectively be leveraged to help project leaders around the world raise needed funds.


Simple gives in a down economy

GlobalGiving is at its best when ordinary people find innovative ways to stretch their assets and spread the wealth.Dread party I want to give a shout-out to Appalachian State University student Maggie Osborn for hosting a “dread party” last week. By selling the opportunity to friends to put her hair in dreadlocks, Maggie raised $50 for GlobalGiving. These funds went directly to childhood malaria prevention deaths by providing insecticide treated bednets, malaria education, or treatment.

As a alumnus of AppState, I’m proud to see word about GlobalGiving getting out to the backcWatauga countyountry of Western North Carolina. Appalachian State is nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains and isolated hamlets. When I lived there, the “Democratic Party Headquarters” for Watauga county used to occupy a stray rail car on the side of a twisty mountain road between Boone and Blowing Rock, NC. That’s Appalachia for you. And yet one person can send money to buy dozens of bednets ten thousand miles away. Even better, that person can see the impact this donation makes in one village through GlobalGiving’s regular project updates.bed nets line

In the “new economy” (a euphemism about as pleasant as “downsizing”), there are thrifty tricks to amplify your impact. Tell you friends. Even better, give your friends small gift cards to prime their giving impulses. Maggie probably learned about us because a friend or parent gave her a GlobalGiving gift card. That gift card combined with an idea she had sitting in a coffee shop and resulted in a new hair style and more bednets. Look at what one small invitation can do to get more money to people that need it most.