They Come in the Name of Helping

Peter Brock, a student at Skidmore College produced this documentary, They Come in the Name of Helping.  It’s a different perspective on international philanthropy – mainly from the people who are supposed to benefit.  This came to my attention through Peter Deitz’s blog where he also posted a great interview with Peter Brock.  Click here to watch the film.




about 9 years ago

Hii Ms Alison and other readers, Watch this short movie... or other short movies in the website given below. Almost a dollar gets donated for a selected charity for every view. Thankyou And wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day Ajith

Peter Brock

about 9 years ago

Alison, Thanks for posting my film. To read an interesting review/critique of the film as well as my response, check out Penelope Chester's blog: Also, check out to learn about a new NGO dedicated to improving development through multidisciplinary collaboration and innovative programs. Peace, Peter

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