Yelpy New Year

Techno sounds, cramped corners, ambient light, and a trendy crowd of talkers came together two nights ago at the Yelp ’08 event at Arlington’s Eleventh Street Lounge. GlobalGivers Alison, Dana, and I made an appearance in support of the community Yelp has built here in DC. Yelpers are tastemakers and influencers who are very vocal both on and offline; they visit, rate, and review everything from restaurants, to public services, to mass media. At the event they offered a high-tech photo booth (Digital SLR + live printing), and delicious hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

We were dazzled by the high energy of party-planner Miriam (pictured below), and wanted to say thanks to Yelp for the fun evening!



about 9 years ago

Yelp! who's the hipster in the middle?


about 9 years ago

You forgot to mention the best part-- GlobalGiving gift cards in the Yelpy goody bags! Well ok, the cupcakes AND the gift cards maybe tied for first.

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